Renaming Databases for Organizational Purposes. Because that’s how I roll.

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@Mozilla I see the URL in Full Screen Mode in @FireFox 14. Don’t like that. Please Fix.

Stop trying to be like Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari. Firefox was fine in Version 13.

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@MarissaMayer congrats on the Yahoo job! I’m one of those who still loves Yahoo. Glad you joined the crew.

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@gigaom Explains how Facebook manages it’s huge database

GigaOM (@gigaom)
6/13/12 2:50 PM
How Facebook keeps 100 petabytes of Hadoop data online
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Did anyone ever take a Wii @BestBuy

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Hey @Shontelaylay Great Domain Article! BTW: You’ve been (Martin) (Pics)

Alyson Shontell of wrote a funny article about Unclaimed Domain Names listed on Here’s a few of my favorites:

Martin Balsam (Actor from the 1970s) as

Matin_balsamed short list of some of it’s available Domain Names.


Anne Bancroft as

Barney Rubble as Fred always yelled “Barrrrrnnneeeeyyyy!!!!!”


Bouillabaisse (Soup) on

Read Alyson’s full article here:…

Check out some Wacky Domain Names here:

And follow Alyson Shontell on Twitter here:


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Govt of India pushes $40 Tablet Computer with goal of ubiquitous net-access

The Aakash 2 has:

a faster processor, longer battery life and more programming capability than an earlier version

Full Article Here:

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@JeffMacArthur If u don’t like Apple Bluetooth Mouse, try a $15 Microsoft Mouse. Also LogiTech are Ergonomic

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If you visit having no idea about it, you might think it has to do with Cricket (Photo & Commentary)

So, we’ve been on Twitter since 2007. Heard about it in 2006, right after it launched. But these days, their Bird Icon is wack; and they don’t seem to want to change their homepage image. I know they’ve got all the major mass media news outlets encouraging people to “follow them on twitter,” but I feel twitter should still put an effort to show new visitors what it’s all about. Some of these websites get so big, and have so much funding, yet they start to get a little sloppy or lazy—or complacent.

At the end of the day, a handful of people playing Cricket in the Dirt does not explain to those in the real world what the hell Twitter is for. Let me re-deisgn your website, so my Aunt Bessie can clearly understand that Twitter is for sharing what type of sandwich you eat at lunch, and pics-or-it-didn’t-happen from Starbucks.

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New York Times available on FlipBoard

Full article here:…


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